From June 22nd to August 18th 2018

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Live 2018

The Italian record case of 2017, a record grown month after month that reached the double platinum record: Coez after breaking all the streaming records, having collected only sold-out on the winter tour, is ready to bring his music around for Italy this summer too! We will bring all the old and new fans to COEZ live 2018, to make a mess all together!


  • June 22nd 2018 - Padua at Sherwood Festival
  • July 7th 2018 - Rome at Ippodromo Capannelle
  • July 13th 2018 - Milan at Carroponte
  • July 19th 2018 - Collegno (TO) at Flowers Festival
  • August 3rd 2018 - Pescara at Porto Turistico
  • August 18th 2018 - Lecce at Piazza Libertini


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