June 6th 2017, Munich - July 3rd & 4th 2017, Milan

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A Head Full of Dreams Tour 2017

It has been anticipated for a long time, but now it's confirmed: Coldplay returns to Italy! Chris Martin's band is arriving to San Siro, Milan after not having visited Italy last summer and taking along the sounds, lights and colors of their latest tour, followed by A Head Full of Dreams, an album that has reunited them with the general public in 2016.



As always the British group will give us an exciting show, packed with all the warmth and the good vibes that marked their latest creative phase: it ranges from funk of the Adventure of a Lifetime, passing through more exotic tones of Hymn for the Weekend finishing with the brightness of Up&Up. The basis of the new works is a play-list that returns to the most famous songs that made the band one of the mot famous performers in the pop-rock alternative world, however everything is now rearranged around this new key, which is less melancholic and more vital and marks their seventh studio album.

Basically it will be a concert made of colors, lights and magic and should not be missed: you just have to grab the ticket, and Busforfun will worry about getting you to San Siro!


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ATTENTION: just added the Munich show 2017 date! Take a look on FANSALE for tickets ;-)

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