Katy Perry

2 Junija 2018, Milan

Witness The Tour 2018

Katycats, pozor! Vabimo vas na koncert leta. Kdor čaka, dočaka. Katy Perry bo spet poskrbela za nepozaben večer ob petju in plesu. Podjetje Busforfun vas bo pospremilo na njen koncert, ki bo 2. junija v Unipol Areni v Bologni v sklopu turneje Witness The Tour 2018. Pozabite na skrbi in si privoščite nepozaben večer, ko boste tudi vi #ChainedToTheRhythm!


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With a perfect mix of boldness and sensuality, the bubbly Katy Perry has known how to infect all with an effrontery of popmusic made to be danced and sung to in happiness.  Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, Californian class of '84 grew up in a Christian family of evangelical pastors, conquered the world with more than 180 million records sold, 15  Grammy nominations, 2 Digital Diamond Awards to have exceeded 10 million downloads with Dark Horse e Firework, but above all thanks to the award of being the first female artist to have reached a Million visualizations on Vevo thanks to the Dark Horse video, what else can we say about our favourite Katy Perry? Apart from being gorgeous and the queen of kindness: ask her 95 million followers on Twitter ;-) 

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