RaNDoM - Una Festa a osɐɔ

October 31st 2017, Bologna

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Busforfun will take you to the most random HALLOWEEN party of 2017!

The festival last summer finished with great success with 50 tour dates across Italy, and this year Random will come back in Jesolo; Saturday 29th of July the Spiaggia del Faro will turn into a huge open-air carnival.

As is always the case with the party-event of the year the protagonist will again be random.

Random music, random people and strictly random clothing are all you need to live your fantasies! Random 2017, the Faro Beach...Don’t miss it!

Suonica & Il Muretto present the evento of summer 2017: only available for 18 year-old, Tickets are on-line now on mailticket, for more details visit: www.randomunafestaacaso.it



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