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    Six Nations Rugby

    February 13th & March 12th 2022, Rome

    Recommended by Federazione Italiana Rugby.

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    The Great Rugby return to Rome!

    The appointment with the great international Rugby is back in Rome. Come and experience the atmosphere of 6Nazioni up close and the sporting culture of the pitch and the public that only this game can offer. A unique emotional activity of its kind. Not just 'a match' but an event dedicated to fun and sharing.

    The new season of #Italrugby will kick off on Saturday 5th February in Paris against the French team, will land at the Olympic Stadium in Rome on Sunday 13th February to face England and will then return on Saturday 12 March against the Scottish champions.


    ITALY vs ENGLAND - February 13 2022 - 4:00 pm

    ITALY vs SCOTLAND - March 12 2022 - 3:15 pm




    Are you ready to leave with us for Rome? with BusForFun you won't even have to queue at the cash desks: together with the bus you can buy your ticket for the Distinti, the Curva or the Tribuna Tevere, to experience all the excitement of the most anticipated matches of the year, including the third time...


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