Pearl Jam

June 22nd 2018, Milan - June 24th 2018, Padua - June 26th 2018, Rome

European Tour 2018

Let's the Rock! It's time for Pearl Jam to come back in italy for 3 unforgettable shows: so grab yout ticket, dress your favorite t-shirt and get aboead of our bus... We'll take you just under the stage to sing along Even Flow with Eddie!


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Bigger in the US than Guns 'n Roses, more popular than Nirvana - both of whom they outsold in 1992 - Seattle grunge-pioneers Pearl Jam have now broken out of the hard rock strait-jacket. The reasons for their astounding success are simple. Pearl Jam are a socially aware, riff-laden monstermash, busy redesigning the embarrassment of heavy metal. Their debut 1992 album, Ten was named as one of the Top 10 Albums of the Nineties. It did not hurt their burgeoning household name status when lead singer Eddie Vedder and the hand appeared in the huge international hit film, "Singles", set against the Seattle grunge scene. Pearl Jam contributed two new songs to the soundtrack, and also made cameo appearances in the movie, playing Matt Dillon's band, Citizen Dick. This biography of Pearl Jam, tells their story as objectively as possible, detailing the lows of losing their first lead vocalist to a heroin overdose as well as the highs and attached pressures of the success. Incorporating a wide range of interviews with the band and several of their contemporaries, including friends from the early days, record company officials, rival musicians and journalists, this is an authoritative and colourful story of "the" 1990s band for years to come. [...]

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