Sottosopra Fest 2018

From July 17th 2018, Gallipoli (LE)

The atmosphere of Gallipoli heats up to the hip-pop rhythm!

The Sottosopra Hip Hop Festival 2017 is coming back to Gallipoli and Busforfun can't wait to drive you to the Postepay Gondar Park, on the 29th July to enjoy the hottest rap duet of this summer:

Marracash & Guè Pequeno are landing in Gallipoli with their Santeria Live Tour 2017!




MARRACASH and GUE' PEQUENO will introduce the Platinum Disc "Santeria" on the most important festival stages of Italy, after thousands of sold oout tickets for the 3 dates at the Alactraz in Milan.

We also confirm the winning of this great mix: two of the most charismatic rap Italian artists, with the big audience success at the recent sold out tour, Santeria Live is a tribute to their styles and musical tastes, that show us sounds and images which frame the highest moments of their carreers.

The live ladder, with scenography and visuals headed by Armando Mesias, is going to be a blinded performance of tracks from their early discographic projects, such as "Money", "Senza Dio", "Salvador Dalì", "Maledetto Me", "Cantante Italiana", "instalova", "Purdi", "Scooteroni", "Nulla Accade" and so on... opening with their single productions, to compose their whole artistic paths.


#BFFsummer2017 #sottosoprafest #marracash #therealgue #postepaysoundparcogondar

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