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    Zucchero Fornaciari

    September 2021 - April & May 2022, Verona

    Adults 1 18+ years
    Children 0 0-17 years

    INACUSTICO + DOC World Tour

    Adelmo Fornaciari, better known as Zucchero, returns live in the Arena di Verona: after the Black Cat World Tour with over 1 million spectators all over the world (137 concerts in 5 continents), the record of 22 shows in the Arena and an award-winning Wanted Tour 2018! Sugar Fornaciari is ready to amaze us again with the DOC World Tour 2022. Are you ready to go wild with the sound of his guitar in the company of BusForFun?

    Update: on 24 and 25 September 2021, Zucchero will take the Arena stage with 2 unique shows #INACUSTICO!


    #WeTheFun #ZuccheroArena2022 #DOCWorldTour




    Adelmo Fornaciari known as Zucchero is one of the most popular Italian bluesmen in the world: his adventure in the world of music began during his university years. Enrolled in the Veterinary Faculty, he meets an American student who teaches him the rudiments of the guitar: he abandons everything and begins a long apprenticeship that will bear fruit. In 1985 he released Zucchero & The Randy Jackson Band, second studio album, produced by historical partner Corrado Rustici, but above all the first commercial success of the Emilian singer-songwriter and musician. These are followed by pieces that have entered everyone's memory such as Respect, With hands, Without a woman, Diavolo in me, Diamante and the unforgettable Miserere sung together with his friend Luciano Pavarotti [...]

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