Case History

Coronavirus | Commuting Services for the Petrochemical Workers of Marghera



An agreement was signed between the ATVO company and the Venice BusForFun platform for the activation of the commuting transport service for employees of the Marghera petrochemical polo.

“In this country that is trying to start again with the opening of factories - explains Atvo president, Fabio Turchetto - we realize that large industrial groups will face the difficulties of employees to reach their jobs, also and above all in consideration of the respect of the safety rules that must be respected. Because the problem of leaving is precisely that of bringing people to the workplace "

 “We will contact Confindustria and the main industries in the area - explains the director of Atvo, Stefano Cerchier - to offer this service which provides rental buses and allows you to organize employee travel in complete safety. It is a service that we give as a company, but also a way that allows ourselves to start again ".


Commuting Post-Coronavirus | The Shuttle Service for Peschiera Borromeo



A unique pilot project in Italy with the of commuting: employee shuttles to reach the large commercial and industrial center of Peschiera Borromeo is underway with over a thousand places reserved for workers, the result of the collaboration between Facchinetti autoservizi and the Venetian startup.

“Ensuring a transport system dedicated to employees to protect them is one of the priorities of our client company which has identified Facchinetti and as an Italian solution, the reliable partner with which to manage this service. The experimentation begins on May 25 and then extends to other routes and companies "says Facchinetti Autoservizi CEO Alessandro Portolecchia. "Over 50,000 enthusiasts have participated in our travels in the last 12 months" - underlines Alessandro Segantini, Mobility Manager of Busforfun - "being the partner of this unique pilot project in Italy is a source of enormous pride and strong social responsibility for us too"..


AS Roma - Season 2018-19 | Stadio Olimpico



Reach the Rome Stadio Olimpico has never been so easy: public transport and the traffic has always created critical issues on the viability of the Capital; starting from this, the collaboration between As Roma and has born.

The Club has been trying to improve and find a solution for the mobility problem of our fans during the competition day, through the continuous research of a partnership”. The improvement of the stadium experience – Francesco Calvo, CRO of AS Roma said – pass through the careful study of the critical issues and the subsequent research of new solutions, as the last initiative of the Club with BusForFun...”


San Marino and Riviera di Rimini 2019 GP | Misano World Circuit



Once again this year BusForFun will be the mobility partner of San Mario and Riviera di Rimini Gran Premio Octo; in order to demonstrate the importance of a sustainable mobility project. The Motor Valley stop is a consolidate date, awaited by everyone and by the pilots as we are in the cradle of the riders’ land. With its 150 departures from the whole Italy and Slovenia, will endeavor, as usual, to bring fan of all ages to this unmissable global event.


F1 Gran Premio d'Italia 2019 | Monza Eni Circuit



We can easily sum up with a huge success this nine-tenth Gran Premio d’Italia that was hold in the Autodromo Monza. The organization of the event revealed all its muscles with the idea that the circuit could become a future workshop linked with the themes of sustainable mobility an environmental respect. From this perspective, the partnership with the mobility company BusForFun allows us to reach a well-organized mobility plan, a shared transport service in step with the future demands.


LBA Supercoppa 2019 - Palaflorio Bari



On Saturday 21th September and Sunday 22 at Bari PalaFlorio was playing  the Supercoppa LBA Zurich Connect 2019, an event that brought back the basketball in the Apulia chief town. Two days of basketball at the Palaflorio with about 8.370 attendees, with an increasing trend of +14% compared to the previous year. The sustainable mobility was the great protagonist of the event, with BusForFun in primis, a fond partner of the palasport.


Sherwood Festival 2019 | Padua



For the third consecutive year is partner of Sherwood Festival, one of the most important and long – lived music festival of italy. To be faithful to the exhibition, this year the flagship was the Sherwood changes for climate justice campaign, in support of a mobility more and more #green (


Gran Premio d'Italia 2019 | Mugello Circuit



For the 4th consecutive year has been confirmed as Mobility Company for the motorbike world championship event at the Mugello Circuit. The partnership between the Venetian start-up and the Tuscan circuit continues with the aim to improve the viability, security and welcome at the event.

The Councillor for Tourism of the Municipality of Scarperia said “It will be a unique occasion to help the attendees that arrive from 150 different Italian cities to reach our land, reducing not only the traffic but also the environmental impact, a very close theme to Mucello Circuit”.


Pallacanestro Olimpia Milano - Season 2018-19



 The Olimpia Milano basketball has made available to its fan a new service for the 2018-2019 season: BusForFun will bring the biancorossi fans to the regular season competition and the Euroleague, directly in front of the Mediolanum Forum safely and in comfort.


GP di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini 2018 | Misano World Circuit



Prosegue la collaborazione tra l'autodromo di Misano World Circuit e la mobility company BusForFun: anche per il prossimo Gran Premio Octo di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini che si terrà dal 7 al 9 settembre 2018 ed è pronto ad ospitare più di 160000 tifosi delle due ruote, sarà disponibile il servizio bus che accompagnerà i fan fino al circuito."In un'ottica di mobilità condivisa - nelle parole del Sindaco di Misano Stefano Giannini - l'iniziativa di BusForFun permetterà di avvicinare ancora di più il pubblico alla magia del motomondiale, riuscendo anche a ridurre l'impatto ambientale e la congestione del traffico"


La Notte della Taranta | 21th Edition | 2018



On 25th of August 2018, about 150.000 people crowded the esplanade of Melpignano (LE), to assist the greatest event of Italy of 2018.

BusForFun was confirmed as mobility company for the second consecutive year, organizing the transport logistics. Buses came from Chieti, Termoli, Roma, Napoli, Salerno, the whole Basilicata and Apulia; plus the management of 8.000 parking lots.

The Mayor of Melpignano, Ivan Stomeo said “Agostiniani complex, fifth scenic of Notte della Taranta concert, needs a restoration work. Many thanks to FAI for having given us this possibility and to BusForFun for having managed the arrival of the people in a perfect way, guaranteeing a high level of safety and happiness, that it is essential in events like this one”.


NEGRAMARO - Tour 2018 | Via del Mare Stadium



“Hello Home! Sing!”. With these words Giuliano Sangiorgi, leader of Negramaro, triggered the 30k fans that participated at the last lag of the “Love that comes back” tour, at the Via Mare Stadium of Lecce.

The Mayor of Lecce, Dott. Carlo Salvemini said “together with BusForFun we were able to manage the mobility and parking inconveniences for Negramaro concert of the 13th of July 2018. An event of about 13k people that brought to the city a considerable flow of vehicle from the province. I think that we reached this result thanks to the positive collaboration with BusForFun, that is a safety and trustworthy reality on the transport sector”


75th Open of Italy Golf | 2018 | Rolex Series



The person who won was the Danish Thorbjorn Olesen, but Francesco Molinari filled Italians hearts of pride. More than 6.000 people attended the 75th Open of Italy at Gardagolf County Club, Rolex Series competition of the European Tour and main event of Ryder Cup 2022 Project, that for the second consecutive year raffled 7.000.000 dollars.

BusForFun was confirmed as a mobility company for the second consecutive year, organizing the transport logistics, parking, players and caddies. More than 180 buses were used during a week, with 40 operators in the field.

The president of the organizing committee said “it has been a new big success, in a new location with considerable level of mobility criticality. The support of BusForFun’s team has been efficient and important”.


Francesco Pope – Visit to Alessano 2018 | Alessano



The 20th of April 2018, 15k believers and pilgrims, has reunited to celebrate don Tonino Bello and hug the pope Francesco visiting the tomb of the beloved priest by the whole Salento. On the occasion of the visit of the Holy Father, BusForFun managed and planned the mobility and 20 shuttles through the online platform. Every passenger of buses, autos and moto reached in a safety way the location of the event, according to the guidelines of Gabrielli.

The mayor of Alessano, Farcesca Torsello, said “BusForFun managed the arrival of a large number of people in a perfect way, guaranteeing a high level of safety and happiness, that is essential in such big events”.


Vasco Rossi - Modena Park 2017 | Modena



BusForFun directly managed the main parking Sant’Anna of the manifestation 80mt far from the Commander stage. At the same time, it managed the mobility and the booking of 22 different parking, 7061 autos and 543 buses through its platform. Total of 45.804 fan del Blasco!

To compensate the CO2, the clients of BusForFun donated 5 new trees to Modena city.

Modena Enviroment Assessor – Giulio Guerzoni said “the organization of the bookings and the flow of the mobility was excellent, with the new technologies used by BusForFun!”


Gran Premio d'Italia 2019 | Autodromo del Mugello



In occasione della sesta prova del motomondiale 2017 che si terrà all'Autodromo del Mugello, torna  KiSS Mugello-Keep it Shiny and Sustainable, il programma di sostenibilità ambientale e sociale del Gran Premio d’Italia di Motociclismo: il programma intende sensibilizzare sull’importanza di adottare comportamenti sostenibili nei grandi eventi sportivi, facendo leva sulla passione per il motociclismo per far crescere la passione per la sostenibilità. In questa ottica la partnership con la giovane mobility company "Pone l'obbiettivo di avvicinare gli appassionati del motomondiale a questo irrinunciabile evento, permettendo loro di lasciare l'auto a casa e di scegliere il bus come mezzo di trasporto"


73rd Open of Italy | 2016 | Rolex Series



Golf Open of Italy was an experience of global mobility. BusForFun managed the transport of the Caddies, publics, transfer to the airport and the security measures in the field. The event was characterized by an inclement weather. BusForFun used its network enlivening 87 buses during the week.

President FIG Alessandro Rogato said “the transport organization and the relation with the staff and the European Tour was perfect!”


WELLSTAR - 2016 - Meeting Sales Force Formation – Rome conference centre


Wellstar- Byas is a well-known German society that is a European Leader on the Production and commercialization of Professional Beauty High Tech. It found the way to put on every woman’s bag an aesthetic clinic. BusForFun realized the mobility to bring the Partner from the north of Italy to the Conference Centre of Rome. A case study for the platform of BusForFun for the MICE segment.

Anna Botter International Vice President said “the support of BusForFun was fundamental for the success of our events: a modern platform and an incredible availability”.